It may well be the smallest room in the house, but the humble downstairs cloakroom plays an important role in making your home a pleasant place to live and visit. Think about it, next to your living room, it is the one room most casual visitors are likely to visit. Is your downstairs toilet making a good impression? Or is it time to take the cloakroom out of the closet and make it a room to be proud of?

Here are a few tips you may want to consider when choosing bathroom furniture for your cloakroom.

Go slimline

Our fitted bathroom furniture units (Traditional range) are available in both standard depth (350mm) and slimline profile. At only 240mm deep, the slimline fitted furniture is perfect for smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms and includes many attractive space-saving ideas including wall-hung basin units (for under sink storage) and above-WC storage cupboards.

Our range of modular bathroom furniture meanwhile includes space-saving slimline (280mm depth) cloakroom basin units: providing convenient extra storage in smaller spaces.

Download our bathroom furniture brochure, which includes details of the compact/ slimline cloakroom sinks/ basins we supply as well as a full list of bathroom furniture options.

Reflect the light

There are of course obvious practical benefits to having a mirror in your cloakroom: it’s where most of us have that one last final quick check and spruce up before leaving for work or the school run in the morning.  But by reflecting natural light around the room and reflecting views they can also help considerably in making your small cloakroom feel larger and spacious.

The attractive wall-mounted bathroom cabinets in our Reflections range provide convenient storage, but if space is really limited, opt for one of our LED lit mirrors. With a slimline profile and integrated shaver points and demisting function, these elegant mirrors are a great way to bring more light and spaciousness into a small room.

Clear the floors

To increase that feeling of being able to move around freely in your cloakroom, try to maximise the available floor space. Many of the units in our Modular and fitted (Traditional) bathroom furniture ranges are available with both floor-standing and wall-hung options. Choosing wall-hung units ensures your bathroom furniture (and basins, WCs etc) is kept up off the floor, allowing greater movement and increasing that feeling of extra spaciousness in your cloakroom.

Clear the clutter

Nothing makes a room feel unnecessarily smaller and less appealing than everyday mess and clutter. Keep those tubes of toothpaste, spare loo rolls, air fresheners and piles of cosmetics out of sight with the many space-saving storage solutions found in our bathroom furniture range.

With wall-mounted cabinets, above WC storage cupboards, toilet roll holder units (with space to store all those spare rolls), and chic modular open shelf storage units to choose from, it becomes much easier to keep your cloakroom clutter-free.

Create space with colour

In a small cloakroom where space is limited, choose your colour scheme carefully to increase that perception of space and airiness. Lighter colour schemes work to reflect more light around the room, increasing the feeling of extra space. Likewise, gloss finishes on your cloakroom furniture and glossy tiling will help to make the room appear larger.

The lighter tones of Gloss White, Matt Cashmere, Cascina Pine and Hamilton Oak are all good choices for a smaller bathroom or cloakroom units, complemented with matching or contrasting worktop surfaces. Full details of the worktop and cabinet finishes and colours available, are listed in our bathroom furniture brochure.