Rather ironic isn’t it? For what is typically the “smallest room” in the house, our bathrooms and cloakrooms have to accommodate such a lot. As well as making room for baths, basins, heated towel rails and WC cisterns, the bathroom is a dumping ground for so much of our “stuff”. Soaps, towels, cosmetics and huge multipacks of toilet rolls are just the start of it. And every member of the modern family has their own growing arsenal of bathroom “stuff”. Does the image of a toothpaste-encrusted bathroom shelf heaving with 7 bottles of shampoo, 6 toothbrushes, acne cream, cotton buds, an aging bar of soap, and a bottle of “scruffing lotion” that hasn’t been touched for months sound familiar? We all want our bathrooms to be havens of peace and tranquillity. Places where we can cleanse ourselves, both inside and out. But that dream becomes so difficult when we have to deal with so much clutter.

The Modular, Reflections and Traditional (fitted) bathroom units from MRT Designs include many innovative bathroom storage solutions for creating the clutter-free bathroom you dream of.

Under the sink storage

Use that wasted space under the sink with a convenient basin storage unit. Our Modular range basin units are available with single, double or triple drawers; perfect for storing smaller items such as cosmetics and hair products. For larger items, a double-door unit might be a better choice: available in widths from 600 to 1200mm (for double basins). Alternatively, Modular basin units combining both a single drawer with a double-door cabinet give you a flexible storage solution.

More than a mirror

Every bathroom needs a mirror, but why not add in some convenient storage with a single, double, triple or 4-door wall mounted mirror cabinet from our Reflections range? Available in widths from 200 to 1200mm, why not compliment the beautiful mirrored doors with some LED lighting?

Fabulously fitted

Many people want to create a fitted bathroom look with a seamless run of matching units. Our popular Traditional range of fitted bathroom units includes many excellent storage solutions to maximise the space in your bathroom. These include everything from double-door basin cabinets, to above WC storage, dedicated storage units (with different options for number of doors and drawers), tall storage units (1830-1950mm high to maximise the storage space available), toilet roll holders (with integrated storage for spare rolls), and even laundry units to store those damp towels that normally end up on the floor.

Off the floor

Bathrooms often have limited floor space to store things, so why not use some of the available wall space? Our Modular range includes very handy open shelf units and ultra-chic “cube” shelf units. From the Traditional range, take a look at single and double-door wall-mounted storage cabinets (available 200-800mm width).

Storage for the smallest of “smallest rooms”

The downstairs cloakroom is typically has very limited space. At only 280mm deep, our Modular “slimline cloakroom” basin units can be wall-hung or floor-standing, to provide some much needed under basin storage. Likewise, the “slimline/ reduced depth” fitted units (at just 240mm deep) from the Traditional range include storage under basins, above WC cisterns, toilet roll units and dedicated storage  cupboards and tall storage units (1830 or 1950 height).

MRT Designs bathroom furniture is available in a wide range of finishes and colours, with many different handles to choose from and optional extra fittings. So take a closer look at our range to see how our high-quality bathroom units can help you redesign and organise your bathroom to keep the clutter out of sight and create the beautiful room you dream of.