The huge choice offered by MRT Designs’ impressive range of bespoke fitted and modular bathroom units gives you the flexibility to create the perfect bathroom environment in your home. With innovative features, plenty of storage space and durable quality workmanship, it is easy to create a beautiful modern bathroom you can be proud of.

A huge choice of appealing colours and finishes

As well as choosing the individual units that work together to create your perfect bathroom, you also have a wide range of (matt / gloss) finishes, tones and colours to choose from for the cabinet sides, shelves, and worktop surfaces.

Choosing the colour scheme for your bathroom is a big decision – one that will have a dramatic effect on the look and “feel” you want to create, and even on the perceived size of the room. So if our impressive range of options is a little overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start, here are a few pointers to help you decide.

White & Bright

With WC units, basins and other “sanitaryware” inevitably coming in standard white, it is tempting to continue this simple classic theme with white tiling and white/ off-white bathroom units.

This common approach is understandably popular: the neutral tones never clash and are suitable in any home, this classic and timeless look never dates, bathrooms look clean bright and spacious. However, there is a danger that a white/ pale bathroom can look cold, overly sterile and maybe a little dull!

A great way to add inviting warmth to a predominantly white bathroom is to bring some natural wood tones into the colour scheme, or complement with some darker tones. Pale walls work well with the warm woody tones of Hamilton Oak or Cascina Pine cabinet finishes. Alternatively, pastel-coloured walls can look great with Gloss White cabinet doors complimented with darker toned side panels and worktops (try Graphite Fleetwood or Smoke Andromeda worktop). Finally, why not pair up a pastel-coloured wall with cool Natural Stone bathroom units topped off with Gloss White worktops.

Chic Dark Tones

We often have the assumption that bathrooms must automatically be white and pale; neglecting the benefits of a darker colour scheme.

Gloss black tiling is incredibly chic and sophisticated especially in a well-lit bathroom. These dark walls are a great contrast with gloss white bathroom units. For an achingly cool contemporary look, pair light coloured walls with dark but natural bathroom finishes such as Graphite Fleetwood or Natural Stone.

Soft and Calming Bathrooms

Bathrooms should be a sanctuary, a place where you can relax and pamper yourself after a long day. Try pastel tones to create a truly relaxing environment.

Walls painted in soft pastel tones are perfectly complemented by the natural wood finishes of your bathroom furniture (try Cascina Pine or Shorewood). The soft tones of Matt Cashmere looks fantastic paired with the darker Graphite Fleetwood in an otherwise pastel-shaded bathroom.

Bold & Beautiful

When you really want to make a statement, and make your neighbours green with envy, try some bolder colour options.

Opulent plum-coloured walls make a dramatic combination with Matt Black furniture (with Black Granite worktop). Our matt Aubergine finish is a tastefully modern choice and works well paired with Gloss White worktops and darker tiled walls.

Take a look at our range of Modular, Reflections and Traditional units to find out more about our high-quality bathroom furniture. Alternatively, why not download our brochure.